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  • TUIMP - The Universe in my Pocket: Website idealized by French astronomer Grażyna Stasińska, developed and managed by me, with content created and translated by a network of astronomers around the world.

  • Dying Days: Music blog founded by me and some friends in 1999.

  • Raindrop.io - archived texts: A selection of texts that I liked and recommend reading.

  • Discogs: My collection and contributions to the biggest record database on the internet.

  • last.fm: Statistics about the (digital) music I listen to.

  • ListenBrainz: This is another service that offers statistics about my music listening, and I prefer its interface and organization, but unfortunately it isn't compatible with all my digital music sources and therefore its information is incomplete.

  • bandcamp: Profile on bandcamp, a website for selling music by (mostly) independent artists.

  • flickr: Photo album.

  • Codecademy: Profile on Codecademy, website for teaching programming.

  • Chess.com: Profile on Chess.com, website for chess players.

  • IMDb: List of movies watched and rated on IMDb.

  • Mubi: Profile on Mubi, my favorite movie streaming service.

  • Steam: Profile on Steam, a video game platform.

  • GOG.com: Profile on Steam, another video game platform.

  • Behance: Profile on Behance, an online portfolio for graphic artists and web designers.

  • Bitbucket: Profile on Bitbucket, source code sharing platform.

  • GitLab: Profile on GitLab, another source code sharing platform.

  • LinkedIn: Profile on LinkedIn.

  • Workana: Profile on Workana.

  • Upwork: Profile on Upwork.

  • Freelancer.com: Profile on Freelancer.com.

  • Kickstarter: Projects I support or have supported on Kickstarter.

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